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The Spanish Kitchen – Fabada Asturiana

Fabada Asturiana, is a filling bean stew, typical to the region of Asturias, but well-known and popular as a lunchtime meal throughout Spain. Unlike many Spanish meals, this dish is also found in canned form in just about any Spanish supermarket, and also sold in the UK.

However, we recommend you make your own Fabada from scratch rather than buying it in a tin – it is an easy recipe that is adequate as a main course when served with the obligatory crusty bread, or you can serve it as a starter.


Ingredients to serve 4 people
500g of Fabe French beans
200 g of spicy Asturia sausage
250 g of Asturian black pudding
200 g shoulder of pork
100 g bacon or streaky bacon
6 sprigs saffron


Prepare the beans to soak overnight in cold water and at the same time, place the pork and bacon in a container with enough warm water to cover the meat.

The following day, rinse the black pudding and spicy sausage. Place the beans in a wide, but shallow earthenware dish with enough water to cover them, plus a couple of fingers.

Boil the beans on a high flame, removing any scum with a spoon. Add the pork and bacon and simmer for two hours with a lid on the pan, stirring occasionally.

Season and add the sprigs of saffron, the spicy sausage and black pudding, leaving everything to cook together for around 15 minutes. Try the beans to check they are tender, turn the heat off, and leave to stand for 30 minutes before serving.


The beans are best served in the same earthenware dish. Offer your meal with the meats cut into pieces in a separate dish.

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